Understanding the New IRS Form 1099-DA (2024 Update)

The IRS is gearing up for a major shift in how digital asset transactions are reported. With the introduction of Form 1099-DA (currently in draft form), slated for use in 2025, investors and tax professionals must be prepared for the intricacies of this new form. While it aims to streamline reporting, there are new hurdles […]

By hunain
30 May, 2024

The IRS is gearing up for a major shift in how digital asset transactions are reported. With the introduction of Form 1099-DA (currently in draft form), slated for use in 2025, investors and tax professionals must be prepared for the intricacies of this new form. While it aims to streamline reporting, there are new hurdles to navigate. This comprehensive guide will break down the key elements of Form 1099-DA, highlight potential trouble spots, and offer tips to ensure smooth sailing come tax season.

Key Reporting Requirements of Form 1099-DA

  • Transaction Breakdown: Get ready to disclose details like the type of digital asset (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), acquisition and disposal dates, and the exact number of units involved. This enhances tracking for tax purposes, but gathering this information, especially for long-held assets or those scattered across multiple wallets/exchanges, might be tricky.
  • Financial Figures: Buckle up for reporting gross proceeds, cost basis (the price you paid for the asset), and accrued market discount (if applicable). Remember, the accuracy hinges on the reporting entity's ability to track this data effectively.
  • Basis Reporting Woes: A major pain point of Form 1099-DA is cost basis reporting for digital assets. Often, the basis for assets transferred from elsewhere might be unavailable to the reporting entity. This leaves the burden of determining the correct basis on the taxpayer using their own records. This not only complicates filing but also opens the door for errors.

Wash Sales: A Grey Area

The form includes a section for reporting disallowed losses from wash sales. Here's the catch: current wash sale rules for stocks and securities aren't universally applied to cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. This ambiguity can lead to confusion and potentially inaccurate reporting. The best course of action? Stay tuned for further IRS guidance on how these rules will be applied to the crypto world.

Non-Cash Transactions

Form 1099-DA also considers transactions where the proceeds are not in cash, but in services or other digital assets. This throws another wrench into the valuation process. Reporting entities will need to determine the USD value of any crypto-to-crypto trades, potentially leading to discrepancies between reported figures and your actual gains or losses.

Navigation Tips for Taxpayers and Professionals

  • Record Keeping is King: Maintain meticulous records of all your digital asset transactions, especially when the cost basis isn't reported on Form 1099-DA. This is crucial for accurate tax reporting and defending your position in case of an audit.
  • Decoding the Definitions: Take time to understand the definitions and requirements outlined on the form. This includes what constitutes a digital asset and how different transaction types should be reported. Pay close attention to any unclear parts that might require clarification from the IRS.
  • Seek Professional Help: Given the complexities and constant evolution of digital asset regulations, consulting with a tax professional specializing in cryptocurrency is highly recommended. They can provide invaluable guidance on interpreting the form, identifying potential issues, and developing strategies to minimize your tax burden.
  • Stay Informed: The regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets is rapidly changing. It's essential to stay updated on these developments, especially any updates or clarifications from the IRS regarding Form 1099-DA and its application. This will ensure ongoing compliance.


While Form 1099-DA marks a significant step towards integrating digital asset transactions into the standardized tax reporting system, it also introduces new complexity layers for taxpayers and professionals. The issues surrounding basis reporting and the treatment of wash sales require particular attention, as they can lead to confusion, errors, and increased IRS scrutiny.

By maintaining meticulous records, seeking professional advice, and staying informed about regulatory changes, taxpayers can navigate these challenges more effectively and minimize their risk exposure. However, clearer guidance and a resolution of inconsistencies within Form 1099-DA from the IRS are crucial for a truly transparent and equitable reporting process.

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