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Aurum's Proven Crypto Accounting Method

01 Initial Call

Our journey together begins with an initial call. This is when we get to know you and your crypto needs. We'll discuss your transactions, goals, and any specific concerns you may have.
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02 Data Gathering and Organization

Once we're on board, we start collecting and organizing all your crypto transaction data. We collect records of your purchases, sales, transfers, mining rewards, and more.

We keep track of important details like dates, amounts, wallet addresses, and fees. Our team ensures that everything is neatly organized and ready for the next steps.
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03 Valuation and Recording

Next, we determine the value of your cryptocurrencies at the time of each transaction. This valuation is key, especially for tax purposes

We record every transaction meticulously using specialized crypto accounting software. This ensures that your records are accurate and secure.
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04 Reporting, Security, and Review:

We provide clear financial statements with your crypto holdings and transactions.
We prioritize your data security, using strong safeguards like secure wallets and encryption.We regularly review and update your crypto records.

If you need guidance or have questions, our Aurum team is here to help with crypto taxes and financial optimization.
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05 Reconciliation and Tax Compliance

Regularly, we double-check your crypto records against wallet balances and exchange statements to make sure everything adds up.

We specialize in calculating your tax obligations, including capital gains, mining income, and more. Rest assured, we ensure you're in compliance with local tax laws.
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