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We were inspired to start Aurum FSG after seeing the growing problem of compliance confusion around Crypto. Investors and Crypto entrepreneurs instead of focusing on generating returns and making their projects thrive were trying to figure out compliances without much help from the accounting community who themselves were trying to wrap their head around it. We recognized this pain was universal. As a result of that, we created Aurum FSG: Crypto, NFT, DeFi & Token Accounting Firm.

Our crypto tax accountants go through the process of providing you with detailed crypto tax reports which will assist with the preparation and lodgment of your income tax return. Whether you’re leverage trading, yield farming, hunting airdrops or trading NFTs, you can rest assured that our cryptocurrency tax experts have seen it all. As daunting as it might seem to prepare your crypto tax reports and reconcile potentially thousands of transactions, our crypto accountants make the process as simple as possible, taking care of the grunt work to ensure you remain compliant in accordance with the relevant crypto tax rules that apply to you.

We have a deep understanding of the blockchain, liquidity & staking protocols, ICOs / IDOs, NFT ecosystem, bridges and other DeFi nuances. We have a hybrid team with accountants, tax advisors, legal advisors, software professionals and Degen traders.


Aurum FSG takes pride in its numbers. We have been serving clients worldwide and helping them save money and time in the most efficient way possible.




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